2013 Theatre Festival Review: Lesbian Etiquette: Part 2

Gareth Boyce

Sounder News

Monday, August 26 2013

After a half-hour wait due to technical difficulties, Sheila Norgate took to the stage on Sat. Aug. 17 at the Gabriola Theatre Festival to continue to look at a pressing oxymoron: Lesbian Etiquette. 

Despite the wait, the full house eagerly filed in to hear her witty dialogue and, sometimes, harsh observations; she asked questions such as: why do lesbians go to bed so early (9:30 p.m.), why must they wear practical shoes, and why must their diets be so obtuse? Accompanied by a slide show, Sheila interspersed her speech with amusing photos depicting many a compromising situation. The audience howled with laughter at many of the photos, especially those that pictured Sheila herself, strap-ons and all. 

While it was more a presentation than a theatrical performance, my sides hurt from laughing so hard.