2013 Theatre Festival Review: Stationary: a recession-era musical

Gareth Boyce

Sounder News

Monday, August 26 2013

The Sunday afternoon show was probably the highlight of the Festival for me. Though the least well attended I watched, everyone there had a great time thanks to the acting and musical talents of Delinquent Theatre Company, from Vancouver. 

The stage was set like an office with reception, cubicles, and the manager’s office. The story follows the workers as they struggle with the job, which none of them truly wish to do, and how unhappy they are in the environment. The songs were well done, fun, silly, and sometimes downright serious. Taking cues from trends in popular music, the styles of the songs varied from standard rock to a couple rap numbers, which were well done. Though funny and fun, the play also had a serious tone that speaks to a generation that were promised great jobs upon completion of a BA only to find their dreams to be dashed.

A great show, with great music, and an enthusiastic talented cast. They received a well-deserved standing ovation from everyone who made it out.