2013 Theatre Festival Review: Underneath the Lintel

Gareth Boyce

Sounder News

Monday, August 26 2013

A one-man show is hard to pull off well, but David Cameron and Kingbaby Productions, from Bowen Island, did so quite admirably. 

The stage was sparsely set, with a projector, screen, chalk board and a trunk full of “evidences.” The play followed a dutch librarian chase a mystery discovered in a travel book returned 113 years overdue. He ended up travelling the globe, and obsessing over the mystery, and whether or not it pertained to the Wandering Jew of Biblical  myth. It eventually drove him mad to the point of losing his job and, in a way, becoming the Wandering Jew himself.

 David did a great job holding the stage by himself and kept the audience laughing throughout. My only big complaint was the images shown on the projector screen were too small to see much detail, which became frustrating when David would point out certain aspects of the pieces of artwork themselves. Overall a wonderful performance.