Africa Soul Train Circus arrives January 19

Africa Soul Train Circus

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Wednesday, January 14 2015

The Africa Soul Train Circus is steaming in to Gabriola this coming Monday. 

They are fundraising to fund the building of a circus school for ghetto youth in Cape Coast, Ghana. 

The African Soul Train Circus will be touring communities in the lower mainland, Vancouver, Victoria, The Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and Whistler from January 16th-Febuary 1st, 2015.  

African Soul Train Circus will be offering afternoon circus classes and camps for all ages, and evening shows featuring slideshow presentations of their circus school fundraising project in Ghana, a world class circus show with African tumbling, bowl spinning, aerial acrobatics, and much more, followed by live music and dancing. Don’t miss this train!

Africa Soul Train Circus is an international circus company founded as a partnership between Ghana-born Mr. Fantastik and Canada-born Marley Huel, aka Marley Skye.

Inspired by each other’s visions to build circus schools for youth, Skye and Fantastik began creating a non-profit; Africa Soul Train Circus School. The first school will be built and run in Cape Coast, Ghana.

 As the school grows and funding increases, outreach centers will be established across Ghana, and then throughout Africa.” (

The circus troupe’s goal is to raise $20,000 by March 1, and then fly to Cape Coast to begin building the school. 

Land has been offered for them to develop in Ghana, and to secure the finances to build, they are searching for sponsors, as well as producing fundraising events 

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