Annual Food Forum this Saturday, Feb. 20

Tisporah Grignon

Press Release

Tuesday, February 16 2016

Once again the community is coming together at the community hall for the annual Food Forum. It’s the wintertime event where islanders can meet Gabriola’s food growers, those who create food products, and anyone who is interested in sharing information about our food supply and dietary choices.  

For speakers this year, we are using the stage with the curtains closed, in order to avoid interrupting the dynamic conversations happening around the room between the public and those at the display tables. 

Local food will be for sale at the forum: produce such as winter greens, beets, and garlic, as well as honey, meat, and granola ... and maybe more.

We are delighted that once again New Society Publishers will be there again with their usual up-to-date display of books for sale on the topic of food growing and agriculture in general.  As well, local growers will bring seeds for sale.

Come and participate in our Gabriola Food Forum, which has become a very popular event. Not only can we continue to support our local food producers, but it is also the event that really gets us in the mood for the spring planting season.

Admission is by donation to pay for the hall rental. Time is Noon until 4 PM, this coming Saturday, Feb. 20 at the Community Hall.