Centre Stage - Zulis Yalte

Jean Llewellyn

Gabriola Arts Council

Tuesday, August 28 2012

Zulis Yalte arrived on Gabriola from Victoria more than 20 years ago when a fuzzy picture in a real estate paper jumped out at her. Two days later she viewed the property – imagining the then garage as a studio, which is now known as The Green Bough – and joyfully explains that “the house actually bought me.”
Sharing the studio with ceramic artist Joy Olsen, Zulis works in multiple media, bringing into form images rising from her dreams, intuition or nature. She loves to work three-dimensionally in stone, wood, clay and enjoys the challenge of fragile materials like tissue paper over wire or wood splinter forms, perpetuating an interest fostered during her two study years at the Emily Carr College of Art & Design in her mid-thirties. During that period, she earned scholarships and awards for her art and found herself thoroughly immersed. Combining these interests with printmaking, she joined the Victoria art community in gallery exhibitions and her work is now held in private collections nationally and internationally.
Zulis also used this time to effectively interweave her creative qualities into her nursing, healing and counseling work with children – unifying two passions that have been extremely gratifying.
Since arriving on Gabriola in 1997, life has been similarly satisfying. “My art has focused more on ‘process’ and, for the past several years, in living ‘Art as Research.’ ”
Zulis explained that her art-making has evolved through personal experiences with an environmental illness and, combining interests that have evolved naturally through her love of art, healing and nursing, will culminate in a Master’s degree in nursing. Already in June 2011, Zulis received an award from the University of Victoria’s School of Nursing for excellence and scholarship in nursing for her ‘arts-based inquiry’ into disabling illness through the conceptual, figurative, sculptural installation Border Crossings.
The illness has slowed Zulis considerably and she continues with her research, art and life at a slower pace. Recently learning watercolour techniques from Melinda Wilde, and now looking forward to more deeply developing this new love, as well as completing new sculptural pieces, Zulis explains that “this skills diversity has allowed me more freedom to express the formation of images.
“Living on Gabriola nurtures my soul and my artist sensibility, not only through the natural beauty here, but also through the beauty of the community that is passionate, caring, thoughtful, provocative and sharing. I love the community art events, challenges and coming together through art to celebrate people.”
This past spring, The School of Nursing at the University of Victoria have made Zulis the Feature Scholar on their Research site and Scholars Blog.
You can learn more about Zulis and her work at www.zulisyalte.com or call/visit The Green Bough at 250-247-7255.
You will find her this summer participating in the Once Upon a Time magical event, July 7 on Wildwood Crescent. Just look for the ‘Queens of HeART.’