ElderCollege Speaker Series focuses on health care

Lynda McCullough

Chair, Marketing and Communications, Eldercollege

Tuesday, February 12 2013

How healthy are you?  How healthy is your medical insurance policy?  How healthy is our healthcare system?  As we age, the answer to this last question becomes increasingly important, particularly as it is the least within our control. 

From February 23 to April 6, 2013, Vancouver Island University’s ElderCollege Saturday Speakers Series will explore six thought-provoking perspectives on today’s Canadian healthcare system and the challenges it – and we – face in the future.  

On Saturday February 23, the series begins with an international perspective on the Canadian care system that we are so proud of, asking where it really stands and what we can do better.  On March 2, the series examines healthcare economics: can we truly afford what we say we need?  On March 9, the focus is on the many professionals who provide us with healthcare services.  The March 16 session addresses some of the controversial issues surrounding use of pharmaceuticals in healthcare.   On March 23, we are all under the microscope, as the discussion will look at ways to sustain life and quality of life in older people.  Finally, the April 6 session will look at seniors’ care within the healthcare system, including where and how this care may be delivered.  

This Saturday Speakers Series takes place at VIU’s Nanaimo campus, in Building 250 Room 125 (bottom floor of the Faculty of (Business) Management Centre building). Each session begins at 10:30 a.m. and finishes at 12 noon. 

Everyone is welcome to attend. See the ElderCollege ad in this week's Sounder for registration details.