Extra show for Bossin’s ‘Davy the Punk’

The Commons

Press Release

Monday, August 20 2012

Bob Bossin’s show about his father’s life in the gambling business, Songs and Stories of Davy the Punk sold out its premiere performance at the Gabriola Theatre Festival weeks before the event. So Gabriola’s celebrated “Old Folksinger” has added an extra performance, Saturday, Aug. 25. The show will be a fundraiser for the Gabriola Commons.
Davy the Punk mixes songs, stories, history and photographs from a colourful but hidden corner of Canadian history.
“I’m excited to finally have this show up and on stage,” said Bob. “I have been working on my father’s story for the last six years, but you could say I started nearly 40 years ago.
“I had lunch one day at a delicatessen in Toronto’s old Jewish neighbourhood where the Bossins had lived. Working the counter was an old man, though he was probably younger than I am now. I asked him if he knew the Bossin family. He said, sure, and started naming off my aunts and uncles.
When he came to Davy Bossin, I told him that was my father. ‘We used to call him Davy the Punk,’ he said. I asked why, and he said, ‘Because he was a punk; he was a gangster.’
“When I knew my father – he died when I was 17 – he was a quiet guy who was a booking agent for night clubs. But the more I dug, the more I uncovered all these stories of his life before I was born. It turns out he was a pretty big player in the horse-race gambling business.”
Over the years, Bob has interviewed old bookies, judges and retired cops. “The stories were amazing,” he says. He has woven them into a book, to be published in another year or so, as well in the performance that premiered this past weekend at the Theatre Festival. The day after the upcoming show, Bob leaves for Toronto to present Davy the Punk at a festival there.
The show plays Saturday, Aug. 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Theatre Centre located at 1475 Peterson.
Tickets cost $15 at Artworks. For more information, contact Jinny at vhayes@uvic.ca or 250-247-8898.