Fred Eaglesmith and Tif Ginn at the Roxy on Tuesday

Submitted Article

Wednesday, January 15 2020

Canadian alternative country singer songwriter Fred Eaglesmith has spent almost 50 years on the road so he has countless stories to tell and many songs to sing.

Fred will be appearing with his wife Tif Ginn at The Roxy on Tuesday January 21 at 7:30 p.m., doors at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $30 and are available at North Road Sports. Fred has come a long way, from writing songs at ten years of age, to having recently played at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville this past October. Fred grew up with poverty, agriculture, religion and eight siblings. He ran away from home and he hopped freight trains. He started a business, and he lost a business. He struggled to get any gig. So he drove to Nashville with no money, and pockets full of songs, and he got a record deal, and he lost a record deal. 

Fred was first inspired by listening to Wilf Carter and the Cowboys Singers, but it was John Prine who influenced his songwriting. “He was a sardonic writer and it wasn’t pretty, but it was beautiful.” Throughout Fred’s life there is always one thing that has remained the same - his undeniable gift for writing a song. Chances are, Fred has had that car, tractor, job, relationship, or idea, and he can tell you a story or write you a song about it. He still tours relentlessly, and his songs resonate with people. Fred has become a cult hero and amassed a following of self-proclaimed “Fred Heads.”  

After many years traveling throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, having his songs covered by some of the biggest names in music, Fred Eaglesmith, is carrying on with his wife Tif Ginn. She is a gutsy, amazing singer and a transcendent songwriter who has spent most of her life touring and playing music. Her impressive, sultry vocals and glorious harmonies with Fred, along with her multiple instrument additions to the show will have you in awe. Fred is a veteran of the music industry and he continues to set the standard for independent artists everywhere. 

See you at The Roxy.