Fund Shield Maiden to NYC

Gabriola Playwright set to conquer New York City on Halloween

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Wednesday, October 9 2019

Melanie Teichroeb’s one woman show, Shield Maiden, has been accepted into the United Solo Theatre Festival. Teichroeb is set to perform on October 31st on 42nd Street, Off Broadway in New York’s famous theatre district. 

To get there, funding from patrons is needed - and her team are asking for help.

A Go Fund Me Campaign has been set up to help cover travel and remounting costs.

The festival is one of the largest and most prestigious solo festivals in the world. According to Teichroeb, only two plays from Canada were selected to represent for the 10th anniversary of the festival. Both are from the west coast. 

Melanie will perform on the same stage graced by Olympia Dukkakis, Michael Moore, Billy Crystal, Fiona Shaw and more.

In the past year, the play has experienced local (three sold out shows on Gabriola) and international success (Most ticket sales for long show at the Frontera Fest Fringe Fest in Austin, Texas) and Teichroeb says the momentum is growing. 

“The United Solo festival is an extremely huge honour, but remember, this is New York. They don’t give anything away for free.”

Teichroeb says there is no government funding or outside help for this project. As well, the SM team has to advertise and run a PR campaign for ticket sales from across this coast. 

To donate, type into a web browser. 

T-shirts are also available with pre-order $20. 

Email to place orders

Teichroeb said, “this opportunity is more than a feather in the cap. This is a real stepping stone towards a promising career as an international playwright and performer. You [supporters] can be a part of making that magic happen for a fellow Gabriolan. Donate today!”