Gabriola Dance hosts year-end performance for PHC

Monday, June 18 2012

Miss Mara's students from Gabriola Dance hosted three performances this past Saturday at the Phoenix Audiditorium at the Haven as they looked forward to summer with, "Here comes the Sun." The performances were by donation, with proceeds going to the People for a Healthy Community. Choreography by Miss Mara unless otherwise noted.  Derek Kilbourn photos


Waltz of the Flowers. Music: Waltz of the Cornflowers and the Poppies by Gazunov. Dance performed by Brooke Antal, Madelaine Craig-Wilson, Sydney Diggon, Annelise Jensen, Samantha Ashlea Montgomery-Swan, Caitlin Scott, Danielle Shock, Raena Tzotzos.


Strawberries. Music: What would you do with a fruit by Joe Roposo, classic Sesame Street. Dance performed by Olivia Alexander, Elena Bosman, Tulah Boyko, Morgan Brookes, Chloe Gradanti, Annie Wishinski and Rowyn Vincent.


This is Real. Music: Demi Lovato. Coreographed and performed by Jasmine Brenner. This piece earned 1st place at the 2012 Upper Island Music Festival.


Spring Duet. Music: Spring by Yiruma. Dance performed by Jacklin Buckingham and Devon Burroughs. This piece earned 2nd place at the 2012 Upper Island Music Festival.


Garden Scene. Music: Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov. Dance performed by Lllia Craig-Wilson, Mya Diggon, Eva Teichroeb, Alex Tzotzos, Taylor West, Moira Wishinski, Nisha Strauss.


Beautiful Girl. Music: by William Fitzsimmons. Dance performed by Arden Thorne. Choreography by Kathryn McVittie of Harbour Dance Centre. This piece earned 3rd place at the 2012 Upper Island Music Festival.


Bouncing in to Spring. Music: Fresh Air by The Kerplunks. Dance performed by Andre Bosman, Kory Brooks, Jasmine Ginn, Isobel Gradanti, Conner Reid, Autumn Vannini and Aylan Vincent.


Here comes the Sun. Music: Tony Gradanti (guitar, arrangement, sound engineering) Dance performed by dancers Felix Amuir and Keana Velsen. Musicians: Adin Brenner on drums with Alexa DeJong and Emma Hooton on flute.