Gabriola Ecumenical Society’s 2016 Spring Forum: The Activist as Mystic

Maureen Wild

Gabriola Ecumenical Society

Tuesday, April 5 2016

Are you a quiet, reflective type who finds subtle yet effective ways to address social and ecological issues because you long for the well-being of your children, grandchildren and for all other species? Or are you a fervent activist who senses that there is also something of your contemplative nature at work, fueling your passion for a more just world? Do you strive to “be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi) and try your best to act accordingly? Are you some of these, some of the time…always longing to be and do more?

However you see yourself, consider coming for your own enrichment to The Activist as Mystic on April 22 - 23 at Rollo Centre with guest presenter Dan Hines from Kamloops. Dan describes it as an exploration into “blessed unrest” - an informed, mystical and loving resistance to the world as it is. This action is grounded in and informed by an inner integrity. In the heart of the mystic, action arises from a restless longing for a better world.  

How do I discern my work in the midst of injustice and in light of so many needs? In what practices might I deepen my personal voice and agency? How do I creatively hold the tension between the “Ideal” and the “Real?” What is the difference between inaction, reaction and action?

The Forum will make use of personal stories and insights from poets, storytellers and various wisdom traditions. Dan will also feature the new film A Small Good Thing about living intentionally and nurturing community. You can read an interview about it at this link: 

Dan Hines facilitates personal and professional development programs for leaders in business, educational, religious and other organizations. He is a facilitator with the Center for Courage and Renewal and has been mentored in facilitation by the author and activist Parker J. Palmer. Dan is a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada and co-founded the RareBirds Housing Co-operative: an intentional community in Kamloops, BC ( Details, inquiries or to register for The Activist as Mystic: or call Jacquie Jessup 247-8308.

The board of the Gabriola Ecumenical Society would like Gabriolans to know that there is a fund set aside - in memory of Bill Graham – which is ready to assist those in our island community who would love to attend GES programs but find the suggested donations a hardship. You need only apply. All, regardless of income, are truly welcome to our GES programs.