Gabriola instruments

Bruce Mason

Submitted Article

Tuesday, October 24 2017

The community has helped kick off a band program at the Gabriola Elementary School (GES). 

Since the call for instruments went out in the Sounder on October 3, eight wind instruments are now being professionally serviced. $1,500 in monetary funds have also been donated (at reception in the school entrance).

“We’re already about half-way to making a great start,” said Betsy Banford, president of the Gabriola Lions. 

The dream is to provide first-rate, accessible, ongoing music education and experience for youth on Gabriola.

Banford, who’s picking up donated wind instruments, said, “Donors are thrilled to support the creation of a band program here, noting how important the experience was in their own lives and recalling how excited they were in acquiring a musical instrument,” she added.

Tom Bradbrooke, the GES Music Teacher, had good news as well: “I have ordered a bass drum and crash cymbals and we now have enough music stands, which another school no longer needed.”

For those who may have a flute, clarinet, alto, or tenor saxophone, trumpet, or trombone to donate, contact Banford at 250-247-9232.

The first goal is two-fold: to start the band program (Grades 5, 6, and 7) in early November; and equally important, make it available to everyone, for future generations. Start-up costs include instruction books and band charts. Instruments which haven’t been donated, or purchased will be rented by parents. Donations can be made at the front desk of the Elementary School.