Gabriola Songs double-CD heads into mastering phase

Gabriola Songs

Press Release

Tuesday, August 14 2018

Dave Teichroeb, Ivan Bulic and Gerry Stefanson announced this past week that after 8 months of recording and collecting, Gabriola Songs will be a 39 track double CD that covers a wide selection of Gabriola’s musical talents. 

From Choral to DJ, Jazz to Folk and Opera to Rock and Country. 

Teichroeb said, “a big thank you to all who contributed to getting the project to this point. 

“A special thank you to the Gabriola Lions who kicked in $2,000 and gave us hope.”

Gabriola Songs  is in mastering phase with Gabriola Juno/Grammy engineer Graemme Brown.

Two release concerts will take place on October 26 and 27 at the Community Hall featuring as many performers as are available, in what Teichroeb said may be the biggest collection of Gabriola musical talent ever assembled.

The first taste of Gabriola Songs will be at the Cultivate Music and Theatre Festival on August 19 at 4pm when a selection of the songs will played live on the main stage. 

The set will feature the Island Singers Choir, Dave Teichroeb, Steve Elder, Erik Johnson, David Botten and Star, with Kelly Field on Bass and Voodoo Dave on percussion.

“A special Festival closing ceremony will follow this set that is not to be missed!”

Throughout the Festival weekend many other Gabriola musicians involved in the Gabriola Songs project will be performing.

Mad For Joy, The Kerplunks, Victor Anthony, John Capon, Blue Moon, Paul Gellman, Patrick Olmsted, Daniel Peterson, Andreas Kahre, DJ Washed Up, Contradance Gabriola and Jeremy McDonald are all scheduled to be on stage.

Other islanders on Gabriola Songs include: Joseph Rose/Patrick Olmstead, Dwight Ivany, Calico, Steve Smith, Heidi Burtenshaw, Rebecca Holbrook, Penny Sidor, Hilary Peach, Gary Fjellgaard, Leah Hokanson, Kathy McIntyre, Antonio Gradanti, Dave McGrath, Judy Specht, Barbara Ebbeson, Naomi Wakan, The Cheap and Cheerful Blues Band, Andrea Georgiev, Frivolous, Bay Boys, Nerdicus,  Brad Shipley featuring Hub City Ramblers, Brian Green, Corbin Keep, Dinah D, Deja Vu, Nathan Tinkham, and Shed. Teichroeb said, “We are still looking for individuals and businesses to join the team. Please contact me at to be involved financially in this project.”