Gabriolans feeding Gabriolans! The Food Forum!

Linnet Kartar

Submitted Article

Tuesday, February 12 2013

Come to the Food Forum to celebrate our endeavours and to meet farmers, growers and food artisans.

Folks on Gabriola are growing more of their own food – with patio herb planters, tomatoes grown under the eaves, bigger veggie patches, forest gardens, community gardens and co-op plots, greenhouses and coldframes.

We praise our long-time island farmers who have been providing great veggies and fruit, beef, turkey, chicken, lamb and pork, plus our egg producers. 

We value those growers whose roadside stands have sprung up in our neighbourhoods. 

We have access to fish, nuts, berries, mushrooms and wild foods.  

We all share in the bounty, whether as farmers, growers, purchasers, gleaners, eaters or all of these.

Come this Saturday to see how to be more proactive this year through the growing seasons. 

We can build resilience by

• growing more of our own food from open pollinated seeds;

• maintaining healthy compost piles and soil;

• buying local, which supports our farmers;

• understanding our food systems and

• supporting the campaign for agricultural sanity in our community.

The forum runs Saturday, Feb. 16, 12-4 p.m. at the Community Hall and features display tables and speakers, an info exchange, refreshments, a local raffle and discussion circle at 2:30 p.m.

Contact Eric at 250-247-9567 for more information.