HIVE Emporium opening doors with Thursday night gala

Sounder News

Tuesday, June 16 2015

This coming weekend, HIVE Emporium will be launching for the solstice weekend on Thursday, June 18, a gala opening exhibition featuring the “personal best” of 35 Gabriola artists including glass artists, ceramicists, sculptors, weavers, water colourists, photographers, jewelers, media artists, carvers and painters - ceremony and surprise to commence at 6:00 p.m.

DB Boyko, owner of the new Emporium opening in the heart of Folklife Village, said one of the reasons she is opening the Emporium in the former Artworks space is, “It is clear there is a well-established community of artists on Gabriola. 

“There is a need to have a place for their work to be represented, and also to build community; the vision for the place is have it be an active place. Not just a place to purchase art, but a place where people can work together.”

She said there will be some similarities to the former tenant.

“We’ll entertain artists to talk about their work. Have readings, launches and what I’d really like to do is have more artisan work available to the public during the busy months where you can see what artists are doing.

“Not that we’re setting up an entire shop, but just on a rotational basis, as the opportunity arises to show certain works with exhibitions, we would highlight that work, solo artist shows would have an artist talk during the exhibition time frame.”

Centrally located in Folklife Village, HIVE Emporium features two floors of retail space, a coffee bar and gallery, a mini bookstore and a venue for event-oriented activity. 

HIVE will have regular rotations of exhibitions by Gabriola artists in many different media in addition to artist talks, music concerts, literary readings and launches. Exhibits and exchanges with artists from other gulf islands, and inspiring innovative work from Vancouver; international artists will also contribute to HIVE culture.

Boyko said the intent is to have art funneling in two directions.

“The intention is to support local art and artists, but also to connect with other artists in the other gulf islands, connecting, seeing where there are synergies - we might bring in guest artists to be part of exhibits.

“Further afield, bring in an international artist, who might come in and teach what they do as a community effort to build an exhibition around their work as well as what has happened in the community.

“That’s really thinking about the winter months when a lot of people flee the island. We are resolved to being there during the winter for the people who don’t leave and build energy with the community so we can work on stuff together. That hopefully will shine a light on Gabriola that there are things that happen throughout the year. Position the work in a way to keep the community connected.”

And why the “HIVE?”

“The HIVE creates this beautiful golden nectar. It is a place where people commune together and there is an understanding of that. That’s the HIVE. 

“The image of the HIVE is a place where people know how to gather, they understand their relationship to one another; it is about the energy, about the buzz. 

“What my plan is, there are bigger questions about why and how people live on Gabriola.

“There is a great consciousness here about working together, like the Clinic and the Commons. 

“The ideas presented at the HIVE will hopefully will expand beyond art making and actually allow us to think about our surroundings and how we are connected to the outer world.”