Island-made music video calls on voters to Take back this land

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Tuesday, September 15 2015

“Take back this country!”

More than 100 residents of Gabriola Island, BC, took part in the making ofan inspiring music video, “Take Back This Land,” which included dozens of folks who sang the chorus for a drone shot at Drumbeg Provincial Park on Gabriola’s south end. Photo courtesy Paul Grignon.

The song – written by Salt Spring Island’s Bill and May Henderson – is a non-partisan call to “take back our country” in the October 19th, 2015, federal election. 

The project began when islander Bruce Mason was writing about the phenomena of anti-Harper songs. 

In an interview with Henderson – frontman for the iconic Canadian band Chilliwack – the idea of a Gabriola version took on a life of its own. 

“I’m in, let’s do it,” was the immediate response from Steve Elder, owner of Gabriola-based Harbour Lights studio; singer-songwriter Victor Anthony; and videographer/editor Paul Grignon. 

Award-winning choirmaster Gail Lund crafted vocal arrangements and singers such as Gary Fjellgaard, Tina Jones, and Kathy McIntyre lined up at a mic alongside musicians Nathan Tinkham, Dinah D, Saburo Murata, and more. It took less than a week to organize in such a highly engaged and artistic community like Gabriola. Mason said the reaction to the video, now available on YouTube, has been amazing. As of Sunday this past weekend, there were more than 4,300 views on YouTube from 42 countries.

Bill and May Henderson, who wrote the original version, said in an email, “We love it! We both cried. It’s very good, very mellow & heartfelt.  Nice contrast with our rocky style. Some lovely vocals, really dig the dobro and sax and all that, just lets it hang in this nice space. 

“And the video itself is great. Gorgeous islands. Wonderful to have all those people set up at the park. And all so fast!! Can’t wait to share it far and wide.”

Bill added, “I’m really humbled that you guys all sang the song. And with such sincerity. It’s yours. Big time. And it’s a contemplative and warm thing you did with it. Well done to everyone.”

The video can be seen on YouTube.

The lyrics sung are: 

“We’re gonna take back this country

We’re gonna take back this land

We’re gonna bring back our democracy

And build Canada again

We’re gonna take back this country

We’re gonna take back this land

We’re gonna bring back the heart and soul

Of Canada again.”