John Kameel Farah: composer pianist

Lulu Performing Arts Society

Press Release

Tuesday, September 29 2015

Lulu Performing Arts is pleased to present John Kameel Farah, a composer, pianist and electronic musician based in Toronto and Berlin. He studied composition and piano performance at the University of Toronto, where he received the Glenn Gould Composition Award twice during his studies. As a virtuosic keyboardist simultaneously using piano, synthesizer sound sculpture, and computer sequencing, John layers his unique fusion of Renaissance and Baroque counterpoint, experimental improvisation with Middle-Eastern texture, ambient minimalism and all forms of Electronic Dance Music.

Farah has created a complex hybrid of improvisation, composition and electronic music. In an effort to continue the expansion of his musical palette, John extrapolates inspiration from his interest in history, mythology and painting. As a visual artist, his intricate ink drawings have been presented in solo and group exhibitions. He has also composed extensively for solo piano, string quartet, percussion groups, wind ensembles and electronic arrangements.

Farah’s latest album, “Between Carthage and Rome” was released this year in collaboration with Bosworth Music.

Join Lulu on Thursday, October 1st, in the Phoenix Auditorium at The Haven and experience this thrilling and talented contemporary artist. The show begins at 7:30pm, advance tickets are $20 at North Road Sports, $25 at the door and $5 for Youth 16 & under.