Karen Cain, multi media artist at Stones-throw Studio & Gallery presents HOME - SANCTUARY

Karen Cain

Submitted Article

Tuesday, October 7 2014

A further exploration on the theme of nests and eggs, this show follows the successful Summer Breeze Tour and exhibits the evolution of Cain’s original “contemporary fresco” process to include drawing and the use of charcoal and pastels. 

This work is all about looking, reflecting and engagement.

The frescos are displayed for the viewer to follow the progress of the work, through the use of poetry, narratives and collected natural objects.

A variety of sizes from 6” x 6” to 3 ‘x 4’, each labour intensive piece is layered with sensuous colour, abraded and incised, presenting a gorgeous and mysterious surface. Her work is known for its meditative and spiritual qualities, containing both fragility and strength. Stones-Throw Studio is an eclectic collection of 30 years of art making, and the artist will be there working and welcoming visitors.

A special part of the visit to Stones-Throw is to walk in the gardens, which the artist has worked up like a painting. It is her inspiration.

Stones-Throw Studio & Gallery, #31, adjacent to Drumbeg Park, 1975 Stalker Road, follow the signs or visit www.stones-throw.ca.