Ken Stefanson concert for hot lunch program June 26

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, June 17 2014

Whenever Gabriolan Ken Stefanson was asked what the best way is to plant garlic, he would say, “Naked. 

“Under a full moon.”

Stefanson passed away on February 26, 2014. He had asked there be no memorial service.

He did ask that there be a concert held to raise funds for the Gabriola Hot Lunch Program. The program was cancelled a few years ago, but Stefanson held out hope it could be reinstated.

Organized by his widow Llie and his brother Gerry, the concert will be taking place on Thursday, June 26, at the Phoenix.

As Gerry said, “Ken loved live music. Good music, damn near all music, and concerts. He really liked the Roxy when it was still open.

“Ken also loved the people around him, his family, friends and all the folks at the markets.” 

Asked why the concert for the Hot Lunch Program, Gerry said, “Ken really believed in the Hot Lunch Program, even though it is discontinued now, he liked the idea of kids being looked after and fed properly.”

In the event the funds cannot be used for a hot lunch program, Gerry has arranged with People for a Healthy Community to ensure the funds are used to help children who need it. “This is a remembrance of Ken - he did not want a service, he did not want a memorial, what he wanted was a concert.”

That being said, when asked to describe his brother, Gerry said he was an animal lover and someone who loved being on the island.

“Llie and Ken loved the “doggie life and horsey life” though he was inspiration and Llie was perspiration.

“Did he like ferry rides? Yeah, he had quiet time to read or visit; he even enjoyed the ‘big ferry’ experience.

“He was the master of markets! He held court there, knew everyone there, and all the customers.

“The Hot Lunch Program, to him, was his “shining star” and he would be pleased to see its good work continuing.

“I could go on and on.”

Tickets are $15 at the door and at Artworks.

Donations can also be made at the Coastal Community Credit Union Gabriola Branch, make cheques/deposits out to the Ken Stefanson Concert fund. Donations can also be made through under the People for a Healthy Community listing.