Labyrinth walking at the Commons

Robbie Nichols

Gabriola Ecumenical Society

Tuesday, September 4 2012

Have you ever thought of including a labyrinth walk as part of your regular routine or even just something to do once in awhile? We have a few labyrinths on Gabriola, but the one at the Commons is available to anyone at any time. Labyrinths have a varied history dating back some 4,000 years. In more recent memory they enable one to take a ‘pilgrimage’ without having to travel to far away places and are found in many places. The one at the Commons is a Cretan design and does not have ties to any religious group.
Linda St. Clair and Mary Aikens will give “An introduction to Labyrinth Walking” on Wednesday, Sept. 12 from 2 to 4 p.m. Participants will meet first in the upstairs room of the Commons for an introduction and will then do a walk of the labyrinth. On completion of the walk the group will meet back upstairs to share experiences and have an opportunity for questions and answers. Input from those who have walked labyrinths here and in other places will be most welcome. Refreshments will be served and we invite you to join us. Donations, which help fund our programs, will be gratefully received. This is sponsored by the Gabriola Ecumenical Society.