Lama Losang is returning to Gabriola

Rainie Evans

Gabriola Ecumenical Society

Tuesday, May 16 2017

Last year in June, the Gabriola Ecumenical Society and the Netloft hosted Losang Samten’s Blue Medicine Buddha sand mandala. He created a large sand painting, drawing inquisitive visitors of all ages over a period of two weeks. This fascinating event culminated in a weekend retreat where participants were guided through the intricacies of the mandala with practices of chant, ritual and meditation. This year, Losang will be back to lead us in a Green Tara meditation retreat. This practice is widely used in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition for protection of all the sufferings we experience in the world. Green Tara is known to protect from danger and fear, heal illness, increase longevity and prosperity. On the ultimate level she awakens our wisdom to the true nature of reality. Green symbolizes the colour of awakened activity and deep compassion. Green also indicates the colour of wind and nature. Green Tara acts for the benefit of those who pray to her with the swiftness of wind. For hundreds of years the Tibetans have sought refuge in Tara who is “mother of all Buddhas whose compassion for all flows continuously.” 

Losang’s retreat will begin late Friday afternoon June 9 to Sunday afternoon. You are welcome to take part in the whole weekend or just one day, as your time allows. All levels of experience are welcome. 

At the Roxy on Wednesday, June 7 at 7:00 p.m., Lama Losang will lead an evening talk and short practice of Green Tara. 

He will also enlighten us of his role in Madame Secretary. We may even watch the episode – a political thriller! Donations will be gratefully accepted.