Lulu Performing Arts Society presents Daniel Petersen in Solo Concert

Carolyn Bell

Lulu Performing Arts Society

Tuesday, August 15 2017

Daniel Petersen, Nanaimo born, moved to Gabriola the year he graduated from Vancouver Island University (VIU) in 2015. A few highlights: he’s released a jazz influenced CD, The Groovy Train, was the solo opener for the 2015 Isle of the Arts Festival, and with help and support from his partner Leaf, presented two concerts in December of 2016 and had enough material to put together a live CD.

Daniel’s current living situation (no electricity) has seen him playing acoustic guitar influencing new compositions and giving new perspective on his earlier music. 

There’s a different feel, he reports, more classically influenced than “The Groovy Train”, and more emotionally charged. 

“If I want to really access emotions I go to my guitar. What I play echoes what I’m feeling. Music reflects what I can’t describe with my mouth.” he says. 

And his third CD is in the works.

Daniel also writes from his life here on Gabriola, and I’m fascinated with the connection between the titles and the compositions themselves. Titles like “The Ferry’s Always on Time” and “Turkey Heaven” underscored a mental image for me that was like a short film. Daniel has the ability to evoke a narrative with music alone.  I can’t wait to hear his new material, and I look forward to seeing you at the concert on Sunday, August 27, 2017. at 7:30 PM at the Gabriola Arts and Heritage Centre. Tickets at the door, sliding scale.