Lulu presents: Swiss Voice Artist, Christian Zehnder

Leah Hokanson

Lulu Performing Arts Society

Tuesday, February 5 2013

You read it right – all the way from Switzerland to Gabriola! Join us Tuesday, February 12th, 7:30pm, at the Phoenix Auditorium, for an extraordinary journey to the far reaches of what the human voice – in technique, innovation, and artistry – is capable of.  

Vocalist, voice artist, yodeler or throat singer? Swiss musician Christian Zehnder is all of these, but this idiosyncratic performer in all his dazzling variety defies categorization. Archaic, urban and spheric, his sound-world dishevels Swiss idioms through storms and chinooks, with critical clear views of the higher reaches of the Alps lost in reverie (web).

Time Out England writes: “...Take Christian Zehnder, who’s developed his own freestyle vocalise, incorporating elements of jazz and contemporary music. Unclassifiable stuff, but his vocal range makes him one of the world’s most amazing performers...”

Lulu is grateful to the Western Front Society of Vancouver, and DB Boyko, for bringing Mr. Zehnder to the West Coast. 

Advance tickets are $20; $25 at the door; youth (18 years and under) $5 anywhere/anytime. Tickets are available at the Village Liquor Store. For more information please email 

See you at the show!