Mantra to Fire and Love

Gabriola Ecumenical Society

Press Release

Tuesday, January 3 2017

This coming Sunday, January 8, the Gabriola Ecumenical Society is hosting a traditional winter fire ceremony at the Gabriola Commons.

This will be an outdoor ceremony, led by Gabriola’s Pandit Tejomaya, in the Hindu Tradition. Dress warm!

Fire plays a spiritual role in many of the world’s faith traditions. In the Hindu tradition, fire is seen as the transformative and purifying aspect of Divine Consciousness; it is referred to as Agni. As an aspect of Divinity itself- Agni Devi – fire is used in most Hindu ceremonies and rituals. The first verse of the Rigveda, which is perhaps the oldest written spiritual text, is an homage to fire: “I venerate Agni, the Priest, divine ministrant of the sacrifice, bestower of treasure, par excellence.” 

The fire ceremony, or havan, is performed throughout India for many purposes. When it is used for personal prayer, the havan is a powerful external practice for internal transformation, internal purification. Just as gold requires the purifying kiss of fire before its radiance can be known, so we must burn away all that blocks us from our own Divine essence. This is the practice of havan.

The ceremony will take place at 4pm in the Commons Timber Frame