Medicine Wheel reunion July 28

Tsiporah Grignon

Submitted Article

Monday, July 23 2012

Any reunion is a special event for the folks involved. This one, on Saturday, July 28 at the Community Hall, brings together some of Gabriola’s finest musicians of the hippie ’70s, a loose “tribal” group known collectively as Medicine Wheel. 
Gabriolans proudly listened to Medicine Wheel open for Pied Pumkin at Courtenay Renaissance Fairs. They played mostly original music, with themes about peace, loving our brothers and sisters and nature. At local potlucks we sang along with any given mix of members to “Spirit is around you like a rainbow round the sun,” “Volcano Sleeps Tonight” and “Rolling River.” 
For this event, original band members include Gabriola’s own Paul Gellman, Kelly Cavanagh (a.k.a. Huckle), Frank Patrick (a.k.a. Straw), David McVittie, Chris Sherlock and Cher (a.k.a. Starshine). Joining them will be Josh Gellman on bass and Luke Nixon on drums, making it an eight-piece band sure to inspire dancing and singing along. There will be old tunes, some new tunes and stories of “the day.” As other local musicians join in, this will be a grand musical celebration.
The event begins at 3 p.m. with a Medicine Wheel Circle. First Nations elder Geraldine Manson will welcome us before we all share some thoughts on the spirit of the ’70s in a facilitated Community Circle. At about 5 p.m., dinner will be available – tasty vegetarian food at reasonable prices. 
At 7, the concert begins with an opening set by Billy Suede, son of Gabriolans from the ’70s. Admission is $10 (sliding scale). The event is being held in association with the Gabriola Historical and Museum Society, who are in the process of updating their exhibit about that period in Gabriola history. There will be photos on display and decorations from the era.
After 35 or so years, old hippies, now in our late 50s and early 60s, will be reunited to hear the musical heart and soul of our 20s during those special days on Gabriola. 
We invite everyone, all ages, hippie or otherwise, to join the celebration. Experience for yourself some of Gabriola’s history through music. Those were idealistic times, when we thought we could change the world through love.
We’re still trying.