Mudge annual auction raises $9,000

Chad Giesbrecht

Mudge Island Citizens Society

Monday, August 26 2013

As always, the Mudge Island Citizens Society held its annual fundraising auction. And once again the community and its supporters made it an enormous success! 

The event took place at Miss Peacock’s red barn on the August long weekend, and had the Only Dean on Mudge Island as auctioneer. Items for auction came from many directions, but most being from generous people in our community, as well as so many local business’ including Mudge, Gabriola, and Nanaimo. Mudge Island Citizens Society is a community organization that supports emergency efforts by purchasing and maintaining fire fighting and other emergency equipment for community use. This year was very successful, bringing in $9,000 over the course of the day! The crowd had a chance to peruse all items before hand while eating hot dogs and enjoying the Mark Wooley Band. So a big thank you to all that participated through donating or attending. Good fun was had by all, and for a great community cause. See you all next year!

Sincerely, Mudge Island Citizens Society