Never too old for love

Gabriola Players

Press Release

Wednesday, May 15 2019

Donna Deacon, director of the Gabriola Players’ production of Old Love, has a secret: she’s in love with Norm Foster. (It’s okay - her husband’s in love with him, too.) Foster, the author of Old Love, is one of Canada’s most prolific, most produced and most loved playwrights. 

According to Deacon, “His plays are so popular because he cares about people, his dialogue is funny, warm, wise and deeply compassionate, and his characters are true to their hearts. He writes about love in all its forms, not only romantic love but the troubles with love, the yearnings, the things that get in the way.”

They say old love is the best love, but in this delightful Foster comedy, divorced Bud (Tom Radcliffe) is having a hard time convincing recently-widowed Molly (Lesley Hazeldine) of this. Bud’s been infatuated with Molly since the first time he met her decades earlier - when he was still married to Kitty (Margaret Litt) and she was married to his boss Arthur (Dave Innell). Unfortunately for Bud, Molly has no interest whatsoever in renewing an acquaintance with a man she has no recollection of ever meeting before.

As Deacon explains, “Old Love is a story of secret longing, the heartbreak of messed up lives, and the passionate pursuits of a good woman and a good man. Old Love urges us to imagine what could be if we let ourselves take a chance. Is it possible to leave behind the constraints of society’s expectations and follow your heart?” 

Can Bud convince Molly to set her true self free or will Molly allow her fears to hold her back? You’ll just have to wait to find out. 

Gabriola Players is thrilled to be introducing three actors to island audiences in this production. In addition to Tom Radcliffe, the play features Ray Appel as Arthur Jr., and Janina Stajic as Kendra.

There will be four performances of Old Love at the Rollo Centre this month: Thursday to Saturday, May 23 to 25 at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 26 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $15, available at North Road Sports or online at