Norgate brings lesbian etiquette to Gabriola

Press Release

Tuesday, August 28 2012

Sheila Norgate can’t seem to leave bad enough alone. First there was “Charm Beauty and Poise” and then “Chin Straps and Other Remedies”; presentations intent on unearthing the flaws and foibles of the feminine affiliation. But now Norgate takes aim at one particular segment of the womanly gamut: the modern lesbian.
In her latest show “Lesbian Etiquette: World’s Greatest Living Oxymoron she probes the many layers of lesbian life in a tireless and desperate quest to reverse a landslide of tragically bad manners and even more appallingly bad taste.
Why is it that when two of the so-called “fairer sex” come together, the well-behaved baby is tossed out with the bath water along with  a century of training in fine breeding?
When did plaid become a fashion statement? What makes lesbians unable to stay up past 9:30pm? 
These and many more pressing questions will be answered Friday September 7th at 8pm (doors at 7:30) when Norgate brings her new, full-length Lesbian Etiquette show to Gabriola’s Rose Crystal Studio @ 380 Stephens Rd. Tickets are $15 and available through Artworks or (if there’s room) at the door. For more information or for tips on enhancing your appeal, call 250 247-7308. Everyone is welcome: lesbian, gay, bi, straight, curious, appalled, transgentrified, on the fence, building the fence, or on the wagon.
Please note that this show is a totally revamped and expanded version of the short piece Norgate did for the Funny Girls event at Rose Crystal this past spring.