Open Mic season starts this Thursday

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Monday, January 13 2014

The Thursday Open Mic Night at the Old Crow Café returns this Thursday, with a feature performance by Why Buy the Cow?

“If you’ve ever felt a strong need to spend an evening with an experimental poly-vocal performance ensemble, you’re in luck! Gabriola’s latest multi-voice poetry mash-up - consisting of Lisa Webster-Gibson, Kathleen Miniely and Hilary Peach - is just that. WHY BUY THE COW?”

So said member Hilary Peach.

WHY BUY THE COW? was formed by the three Poetry Gabriola directors while they were on a road trip to Salt Spring Island.

Hilary explained that Kathleen Miniely is an obstetrics nurse who wanted “to create a poly-vocal poetry piece using textbooks from her profession.

“I wanted to work texts from dairy farming into the piece [as well].”

During the road trip, as Hilary explained, “We were chasing the ideas around the car and came up with an interdisciplinary, multi-voice show about midwifery, dairy farming, relationships, love and old age.”

Kathleen said it started as a show idea which morphed into an ensemble.

Upon return, they committed three hours a week to doing research and working on the piece in the Poetry Gabriola yurt located on The Commons property.

On stage this Thursday will be three new works from WHY BUY THE COW?

Hilary explained the acting technique used comes from Jerzy Grotowski’s 1950s-era polish theatre lab work, which she has been working in since 1992.

Lisa Webster-Gibson said one of the driving reasons behind using the yurt was to demonstrate it as a research and creative space location.

The yurt is available for people from the greater Gabriola community who have art-based projects. Anyone interested should contact Poetry Gabriola by email:

Doors open for Open Mic Night at 6:45 p.m. with things wrapping up by 9:00 p.m. Along with the feature performances and those who bring their own pieces for Open Mic, there will also be a writing exercise.

Poetry Gabriola’s Thursday Open Mic Night goes on the third Thursday of every month till November and will have a feature performer each time.

This one, Hilary said, is a research-based, interdisciplinary artists’ group - featuring new pieces at the first Open Mic of 2014, kicking off at the Old Crow on Jan. 16.