Pritchett showing Gabriola off at top of country music video charts

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, October 7 2014

For eleven weeks, images of Gabriola have been featured on the most popular country music video in Canada - “Boat on the Water” by Gabriola resident Aaron Pritchett.

Pritchett shot the video earlier this year and it was launched on at the start of the summer.

Places chosen were near Elder Cedar, on the rocks of Orlebar Point, in the Surf Pub (photo seen above), Silva Bay Marina and on a boat while cruising the fishing waters of the Grande Bank.

Pritchett said when he and his wife Jessie heard the demo of the song, “She told me to record it. So I took her word for it.”

Why shoot the video on Gabriola?

“It was one of those situations where typically my director, Stephano Barberis usually likes to go to Mexico or Cuba, the whole boat on the water, exotic location, hot and sexy.

“I said Gabriola is like that. He came over, took a look, said it looks amazing. When it comes down to it, it was pretty much a hands-down agreement when people said to film it here.”

Pritchett added, “I related [the song] to Gabriola right away. It totally connects to where and how I live.

“That’s one of the main points of shooting it at the Surf - giving people an idea of what the west coast is like. Get people coming here.”

Pritchett’s friend, country musician Dallas Smith, makes a cameo appearance. Pritchett’s son Mason was also included.

There are Gabriolans involved in the shooting of the video as well. The boat seen in the video belongs to Gabriola friends of Pritchett. 

Doug Hamilton (Hasta Mañana Charters) and Norm Jones’ boats were used by film crews for the various shots on the water.

Surf Lodge owner Michael Brown and Diane Verhiel were in the shot in the Surf Pub, as well as other patrons. 

Reaction to the song and the video has been very positive.

As noted, “Boat on the Water” has been on top of the “most popular” list (as voted on by fans) on and is his second highest charting hit (behind “Suntan City” at 18) on the Canadian Country billboard chart. 

Those wishing to keep Pritchett on top can head to and click on the “most popular songs” link.

Of the song’s reception Pritchett said, “I’ve been in this industry a while. Other ones do not do very well; you just never know where it hits right away.

“Everywhere I go and play, everyone sings along to “Boat on the Water.” People are singing along to it.”

Pritchett is able to get back home to family on Gabriola from time to time, but is busy on the road, having finished various shows and attending the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMAs) in Edmonton recently.

As for a new album, Pritchett says, “We’re recording some more music. In the meantime, there is no full album coming out, but we’re looking at a “greatest hits,” that’s the next step. There will be more singles and more videos coming out in the next six months, we’re busy, busy, and touring non-stop. Then it’s back here for family time.”