Retired wireless communications expert coming to Gabriola

Teresa Beers

Submitted Article

Tuesday, February 12 2013

Using or not using wireless technologies presents all sorts of issues.  Believing or not believing that there are impacts and consequences from the use of those technologies is one of the issues.  

With the continued push from BC Hydro and its proposed “smart” system, more people than ever are questioning the use of wireless technologies, despite the “assurances” they are receiving.  

Whether your interest is in the biological effects, home safety & fires, security risks, invasion of privacy, loss of democracy, or associated costs with “smart” meters and a wireless mesh grid, there is an opportunity coming up to learn more.  

Jerry Flynn, a retired Canadian military wireless communications expert with over 22 years’ experience in Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence, will be speaking on the vulnerabilities and concerns of wireless technologies from 7 – 9 pm on February 18th at The Centre.  

There are still some seats available – call me at 247-7444 to reserve one.  Whether you are concerned and want to learn more, or you think that there is no need for concern, come and hear what the corporate world does not want you to know.

 Co-sponsored by Vancouver Island University, Citizens for Safe Technology, Concerned Parents and Health Care Professionals.