Review of "Wait Until Dark"

Anna Leather

ICONIC submission

Wednesday, February 10 2016

On Valentine week end 2016, Gabriolans can enjoy a suspenseful treat as Iconic Theatre presents, “Wait Until Dark”, @ the Theatre Center on Peterson Rd.

I was privileged to attend a rehearsal and was duly impressed w/ the caliber of the acting and the masterful fine tuning of this play’s two (one simply won’t do!) directors, Mark Smith and Steve O’Neill.

Playing the part of the blind woman besieged by greedy men of bad intent, Susan Yates succeeded in engaging my sympathy with her plight and keeping me on the edge of my seat as the action unfolded.

Alex Dewar did a credible job in his portrayal of Lieutenant Mike, the bad guy with a good heart and some semblance of moral sense.

Dean Clark (seen right) hit all the right notes as the somewhat clueless amoral opportunist, Sgt. Carlino, ready and willing to break any rules to benefit himself. The third man in this nefarious crew is of course the one completely committed to a life of crime, smart and cruel, without a shred of compassion. Roger Carter played this third man, Roat, superbly and impeccably with calculated, chilling menace.

I am eagerly anticipating being able to enjoy the entire show: only the second act was on the agenda this particular rehearsal evening.

I look forward to more from Patrick Roux who plays the blind woman’s husband, Sam, and from Joscelyn Hurst as Gloria, her best friend. With six long months to go before the wonderful Theatre Festival, I am so very glad to have a good play to attend and to recommend! 6 gold stars in lieu of my usual 3!

Showtimes and ticket information available in the Sounder Events Calendar.