Roxy Raves for June 18

Stevie B

Monday, June 18 2012

This week at The Roxy:
Monday, June 18, 7 p.m.: Victor Anthony’s annual Gabriola Daily Photo slide show. One year’s worth of photographs of our beloved isle and its inhabitants. Admission by donation with proceeds to PHC. Roxy doors open 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday, June 19, 7:30 p.m. Mark Leiren-Young. It’s not easy being green – and in this new solo show written and performed by Leacock Award-winner Mark Leiren-Young, the challenges of living sustainably have never been funnier.
This comical but earnest one-hour performance delves into the conundrums of going green: becoming vegetarian only to find out that the soy revolution has its own hazards, hating Nike for its labour practices but needing their sneakers so your feet don’t hurt and coming to grips with enviro-fanatics who sacrifice the forest because of a few trees.
Greener Than Thou is a wry and highly entertaining account of one man’s struggle to find a middle path in a world that is, literally, melting and dying around him.
Can the average guy live a truly green life, or is that only possible for saints like David Suzuki? Mark Leiren-Young pulls the audience right along with him in this quest for right-livelihood.
Come and enjoy a Gabriola special version of Greener Than Thou, with a few pointed and very funny references to our own community quirks. Tickets $12 at the door.
Thursday, June 21, 7-9 p.m.: Poetry Gabriola presents Open Mic with special viewing of Howl. Aspiring poets, spoken word artists, keen audience, supporters of the arts! We want you for Poetry Gabriola Society’s monthly Poetry/Spoken Word Open Mic. For a special treat this month, we will be viewing Howl after the readings, a great depiction of Allen Ginsberg’s poem and the subsequent freedom of speech trial that accompanied its publication.
Our goal is to provide an artists’ venue with a safe stage suitable for all performers and all audiences. Performers sign up on arrival. Doors at 6:45 p.m. at the Roxy. For more information: or 250-247-0117.
Roxy futures include: John Reischman, Carolyn Mark, Dave Lang, Paul Gellman, Frank Patrick, Tim Williams and more....
Rent the Roxy for $25/hour. Contact for details.
Riddle me this, Batman: Why do psychics have to ask your name?
May the gods be with you.
See you next week.