Sanctuary: Home - the journey with contemporary frescoes continues

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Monday, July 14 2014

Inspired by nests, ovoid shapes and the space left in the sky when a bird has passed by, the exhibit tells a story, using poetry and narratives, of the evolution of process, materials and imagination in the artist’s hand. 

Contemporary frescoes are built on a support, on panel. 

The wet plaster is infused with pigment, creating multilayered fields of colour which are then sanded down, textured and incised then the process is repeated again and again. 

Often wax, graphite, charcoal or other materials that will give the desired effect are added. 

There are many steps involved. 

It is a long, mindful process which is evidenced in lyrical works of simplicity and grace.  

The experience of the process speaks to fragility and containment and our sense of sanctuary and the safety of home. 

Karen Cain’s work has been called spiritual, meditative and sensuous. It invites touch and the viewer’s imagination.

Karen will be working and giving demos all day. 

Come and see, be surprised.

New: Photography - A closer look into the amazing Stones-Throw garden. 

You are invited to take a walk in the garden.

• Original art cards  

• Free draw for fresco 

• Always a sale wall 

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Check out; 1975 Stalker Road, adjacent to Drumbeg Park. #31 on the Summer Breeze Tour, July 26 and 27.