Second Annual Wood Show Aug. 24 & 25

James Hawkins

Gabriola Woodworkers Guild

Wednesday, August 14 2019

Discover the timelessness of wood at the second annual Wood Show presented by the Gabriola Woodworkers Guild at the Gabriola Art and Heritage Centre, South Road, on August 24th. and 25th. from 10am to 4pm.

In the year since the Guild’s highly successful inaugural show the Island’s woodworkers have created a smorgasbord of new pieces. The all-new works on show this year include a unique table and bench by Andre Nobels; a beautiful two-legged console table by Cliff Robb; a handsome door of local cedar by Sam Abraham; and a number of gorgeous reclaimed turned bowls with etchings by Guild newcomers, husband and wife team, Mark Huisman and Claire Frances Muir.

Console table by Cliff Robb


Nearly a thousand residents and visitors were wowed at last year’s show by the artistry and skill of our Island’s woodworkers and this year’s show promises to be even more impressive. With an expanded display area and more Guild members exhibiting their pieces there will be something for everyone. Whether you are interested in acquiring a unique work of art, a practical piece for your home or garden, or simply viewing the amazing works created by Gabriolan craftspeople, you should not miss this year’s Wood Show. 

Wood is so integral to our island life that it is easy to overlook the artistry and skill that goes into creating everything from our houses, boats and furniture, down to the most delicate ornaments. Among the many show pieces will be an intriguing wooden clock sculpted by Verne Smith over a ten year period. This is a fine example of the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into creating timeless works of art from one of the world’s most abundant renewable resources.

The Woodworkers Guild provides a means for members to network with fellow woodworkers and to raise the profile of the Island’s woodworkers within Gabriola’s vibrant arts and crafts community. 

While some Guild members create works solely for their own enjoyment, many are happy to share their unique works with those who appreciate their skill, dedication and artistry. 

The annual Wood Show is your opportunity to appreciate the skill of fellow islanders and to meet the members of the Guild whose passion for wood has led them to create truly beautiful works of art.