Six questions for Darien Edgeler, Gumshoe playwright

Submitted Article

Monday, July 21 2014

The Sounder: So we understand you have a show in the upcoming theatre festival.

Darien Edgeler: That’s right. It’s called Gabriola Gumshoe: The Case of the Coffeehouse Conflagration.

The Sounder: What’s it about?

Darien Edgeler: Well, narratively speaking, it’s a whodunit about a private detective conducting an investigation on Gabriola (and Mudge). 

Thematically, it’s about perception and redemption and acts of courage and second chances. It’s also about the magic and the mystery of Gabriola. This play is, in a very real way, my love letter to the island.

The Sounder: So audience members can expect a lot of local references?

Darien Edgeler: Absolutely. The production is packed with them. The show is actually set in the future and that allowed me to have a lot of fun extrapolating current trends. Wait ‘til you see what the ferry system looks like in 2025. But yes, there’s a ton of island-specific material that tourists will certainly appreciate but that Gabriolans will especially enjoy. 

And some folks may recognize aspects of themselves in one or two of the sixteen different characters I play.

The Sounder: Are you worried they’ll be offended?

Darien Edgeler: Oh no. We aren’t talking here about the pointed barbs of a satirist. This is the gentle ribbing of an adoring uncle. I love Gabriola, so I tease with great affection. And if people do take offence, I just hope the eggs they throw are free-range and the rotten tomatoes organic.

The Sounder: So where can our readers find tickets?

Darien Edgeler: They’re available in Artworks, at the festival box office in Folklife Village and online at

The Sounder: Thanks, Darien. Break a leg!

Darien Edgeler: I hope not. Laceration of locomotive limbs is actually a bit of a concern, as the show does contain a fistfight. 

Anyway, yes, I’ll see you on August 15 at 2:30 p.m. for my off-off-off-off-off-off-Broadway smash. 

I guarantee multiple Gumshoe giggles and at least half a dozen Gabriola guffaws.