SOS expand their horizons

Maureen Karagianis

Save Our Shores (S.O.S.)

Wednesday, March 18 2015

The local group, Save Our Shores (SOS) is preparing for the federal election of 2015.

They will be hosting films that speak to the issues of climate change. The first film presentations takes place on March 25th and March 28th.

SOS was formed when news of the proposed Enbridge pipeline first appeared in the media. It started with a demonstration by local folks on Oceans Day, 2013. A police tape the length of a supertanker (3 football fields long) was delivered by 40 or more people to the site of Oceans day in the Campground on Taylor Bay Rd. It was then taken by kayakers out to the end of the bay. The size of the parade brought home to all what these gigantic tankers would potentially threaten.

Since that day there have been numerous events to express concerns about oil spills, pipelines, and the potential damage to our oceans and the creatures that live there.

As the movement grew in proportion to the actions of Enbridge and Kinder Morgan,

SOS has also expanded their activities. Several members protested at the site of the Kinder Morgan pipeline on Burnaby Mountain, risking arrests by the RCMP. A giant yard sale in 2014 raised funds to assist other groups on the front lines. Later that summer 3 members travelled by kayaks and row boats to meet with other gulf islanders to show their concerns.

SOS is joining the many other organizations across Canada and all over the world that are concerned that global warming is worsening, in large part due to our dependence on fossil fuels as a source of energy. In Canada, the federal government has reduced the number of scientists who measure the impact of global warming. SOS wants to see tar sands and global warming as a critical issue in the forthcoming election. Alternatives to fossil fuels and the status quo should be the priority who ever runs for office. To that end SOS is offering thought provoking films, ones that inspire consideration of a new way to to produce clean energy.

“The Wisdom to Survive; Climate Change, Capitalism and Communities” is an award winning American film that deals with the state of our planet and what all of us can do to save it. It will be shown at the Rollo Centre on March 25th at 5 and 7 pm and at the library on Saturday March 28th at 2 pm. Moderators will be present at all 3 showings to lead discussions after the film presentation.