Ticket sales underway for Cultivate

Gabriola Arts Council

Press Release

Wednesday, June 9 2021

Tickets sales are underway for Cultivate 2021 and the response has been fantastic in a short period of time. 

We understand some people are disappointed we don’t have a festival pass, but due to the requirements of the Gabriola Commons and a community desire to ease back into gatherings, festival passes just wouldn’t work. 

We need to keep a record of who is at each show and limits on audience sizes have been set to ensure safety for all. This year is a different kind of festival and as Bobbie Blue, Artistic Director said, “It is really more like a series of shows this year.”

We do also understand that the ticket price can be prohibitive to some community members, including families, so we have an inclusivity program. 

Call the GAC office 250-247-7409 and ask for Carol, she’ll help you get tickets to the shows you want to see.

Each show has a limit and once that limit is reached, the show is sold out, we cannot add more tickets. 

It is a Gabriola tradition to wait until the last minute…every actor, director, musician, and show producer knows this all too well and it causes a lot of sleepless nights. 

Due to COVID-19 we missed out on over $10,000 in grants which we had received in previous years because they weren’t offered, that’s a lot of cash to replace. 

As you may know, Bobbie has produced a lean festival to make it more economically viable and we are all focussed on paying talent while keeping expenses within our means. Festivals, events in general, are spendy adventures, but we’re not complaining, only being transparent, so you know where your dollars are going.