Top tap performers to share memorable island ‘conversations’

Sas Selfjord, Exec. Director

Vancouver Island Tap Society

Monday, August 20 2012

Renowned tap artist Terry Brock has performed in the world’s most famous venues, but she’s thrilled to be taking the stage at the Haven’s Phoenix Auditorium.
“I can’t wait to dance on Gabriola again, to experience the warmth and friendship of the community, never mind the magic of the island,” she said between performances in San Francisco.
Travis Knights – also on the bill for Seaside Riffs on Aug. 29 – has never visited Gabriola before, but shares the excitement of other headliners in the special stopover before the 13th Annual Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival. “I’ve been told again and again how truly unique and great this show is,” he said. “So I’ve worked hard on a duet with the great Jessie Sawyers to take advantage of a rare opportunity to share my life, my love and personal artistic experience.”
One of the island’s best musicians Steve Smith also can’t wait: “It’s exciting. We work out a road map for songs with space for calls and responses between us. These are wonderfully talented dancers who are focused on rhythm and superb timing that they have developed over many years.
“I’m really looking forward to unique, improvised conversations, that the audience will also really enjoy,” Smith added.
Islanders and dancers still talk about a sold-out 2010 performance. However, Gabriola’s Sas Selfjord (producer of the Festival), reports that Seaside Riffs is much larger, more complex and varied, guaranteed to be an unforgettable evening for everyone.
Tickets and information:; also available at Artworks. Adults: $23 Senior/Youth: $20.