TRT and you, a perfect marriage

Twilight Radio Theatre

Press Release

Wednesday, January 22 2020

Listen up gumshoes! Twilight Radio Theatre is ringing in the New Year and with it the dawn of a new decade. 

We’re in the Twenties now, see? 

So suit up, slap on a stylish skypiece and see if you can slyly surmise the surprise suspect in a slick script featuring Chris Jans as The Saint in “The Missing Bridegroom.”

As a merry comic pairing on the matrimony meme, the second half of the double feature, “Wedding Day” is a great gem of the comedy genre, sure to induce giggles and guffaws, from the guru of gaffes himself, the Great Gildersleeve featuring David Botten as Gildy. 

Come join the cast of Twilight Radio Theatre and warm yourself by the fire at the Surf Lodge for a whimsical evening of fun during the wet and windy winter months on this wonderful West Coast island! 

3 Nights Only – Feb 5th, 6th and 7th @ 7:30 PM at the Surf Lodge. Tix $20 at the Surf and North Road Sports.