Victor’s Guitar celebrates life of the late Victor Anthony

Bob Bossin

Wednesday, March 27 2019

I’m happy to announce a new Gabriola video, “Victor’s Guitar”. Now viewable on YouTube, the song celebrates the life of our late island musician and friend, Victor Anthony.

Victor and his partner, writer Joelle Anthony, came to Gabriola a dozen years ago, leaving behind, in Victor’s case, a career as musician, photographer and actor in Nashville. Joelle and Victor quickly became island stalwarts, Victor with the Commons and the Ken Capon Memorial Marching Band, among other island institutions. 

His death in December, at age 66, came as a shock and a loss to all who knew him.

“Victor’s Guitar”, the video, is an all-Gabriola production. It is performed by Brad Shipley, Dinah D and myself. The film was shot at Victor’s memorial celebration at the Community Hall, and recorded and mixed by Adam Kerby. It features some of Victor’s photographs, and additional pictures by Bill Pope, John Poirier and Joelle Anthony. Elizabeth Shefrin, Paul Grignon and I edited it right here on the island at Paul’s Moonfire Studios.

Such is the regard for Victor that everyone donated their contributions. “Victor’s Guitar” is truly a labour of love.

To watch the video, open YouTube and type “Victor’s Guitar” into the “search” slot or click this link.