2018 Brickyard Beast to pay tribute to Jay Dearman

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, July 17 2018

The Brickyard Beast 10km run will be happening on Sunday, August 5, and this year the organizers and the Dearman family will be paying tribute to the late Jay Dearman.

Race Director Julia Jefferson issued the release this past week saying that in talking to Dearman’s family, they agreed the best run tribute they could do would be to bring back Dearman’s favourite orange Beast shirt (from the 2015 Beast).

This year’s shirt will also include a special logo for Dearman, designed by Nancy Boyes.

Jay Dearman and Tina Lynch sporting their orange Beast shirts. Submitted photo

Due to high demand, the organizers are making the shirt available to general public on a pre-order basis. Shirts can be ordered at North Rd Sports by Wed July 18 at 5pm. $20 cash or cheque only.

The Brickyard Beast Run is a non-profit community event with proceeds going to People for a Healthy Community (PHC).

Shirts will be available shortly before race day and notice will be given.

Jefferson said on August 5, the day of the Beast, the organizers are asking all Gabriolans to don an orange shirt as a tribute to Jay Dearman, as well as all the Gabriola firefighters and emergency responders, “that dedicate their time to keeping our island and community safe.”

More details on the race posted to www.brickyardbeast.com

Volunteers are needed, those wishing to do so please contact Jefferson at cubagal@gmail.com

On January 24, 2018, Dearman had been jogging with other Gabriolans. He was eastbound (running against traffic) on the north side of Berry Point Road.

Just east of Twin Beaches Mall, an eastbound van crossed the road and hit Dearman. He was taken by emergency services to the Gabriola Urgent Care Clinic, where he died of his injuries.

RCMP and the BC Crown Prosecution Service have said there is a file and investigation open on the incident, but no charges have yet been laid against the driver.