Animals’ sacrifice in war to be honoured on November 11

Margaret Taylor

Submitted Article

Tuesday, November 3 2015

After the Remembrance Day ceremony on November 11, at approximately noon, a group of Gabriolans will be remembering the many animals that helped the armed forces during WWI, WWII and other conflicts. These animals were chosen for a variety of their natural instincts. Vast numbers were killed, others died from wounds, starvation, exhaustion and other causes. A wreath will be laid with the other wreaths.

Over eight million horses, donkeys and mules died in the First World War. Among the duties of the dogs were running messages, detecting mines, digging out bomb victims, and acting as guard and patrol dogs.

More than 100,000 carrier pigeons in WWI and 200,000 in WWII carried vital messages over long distances in all weather. The British Commonwealth and Allied forces also used camels, elephants, oxen, canaries and glow worms. These creatures had no choice. On Gabriola, horses, dogs and hopefully a pigeon will be present to help people remember. Please come (with your animal if you wish).

Ref: Animals in War by Jilly Cooper.