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I Shantikat

CATS Alive

Monday, December 29 2014

When Cat’s Alive released homeless Annie Cat into my house for fostering that first day, I thought, “Oh dear, this cat is one angry looking critter.” Her mouth was down-turned, her middle was hanging down so low; her sides stuck out so wide like a swayed back horse. Her fur was dull and grubby; she didn’t look the least bit friendly. She certainly didn’t want me to handle her, though one exploring scratch through her fur informed me she was crawling with fleas, an indignity for any cat, let alone one who, at 15 years old, had been abandoned and betrayed by her humans.

For months I witnessed Annie Cat’s lack of trust, her fear of everything and her suspicion of me. I never forced myself on her, though I’d get onto the floor and very lightly brush her, wanting to help remove the copious amount of dried flea droppings thick in her dull fur. 

The healing began so slowly, a quick lick of her tongue down her fur; the next day a bit longer period of grooming. These periods expanded; she was taking a real interest in herself, coming back into balance as a cat again. Every little advance was a milestone - she began coming out when people visited; she discovered a closet where she felt safe and made me give her pillows for it; she began joining me in front of the fire in the evenings.

After four months Annie Cat is rebalanced. She allows me to reach over her sleeping body to put a log in the fire. She does not bolt at every noise or movement; she will play with a string when I drag it; she has no issues whatsoever with meeting me in the narrow hallway and she will go into a full deep sleep out in the open. She is ready for her forever home.

In fostering Annie Cat she has allowed me to witness her resiliency, adaptability and capacity to forgive, recover and trust again. It has been a true privilege to be able to afford her the time and space to reclaim her identity as a companion cat. Not every cat is as needy as sweet Annie Cat, but all cats do need a safe place to land when they are homeless.

Please consider giving yourself this wonder filled opportunity to foster a cat from Cat’s Alive @ 250-816-2287; all food and vet bills are paid for and the cat love comes free too!