Centenarian visits Kindergarten class to celebrate 100th day of school

Sarah Holmes

Sounder News

Wednesday, March 13 2019

February 21 marked the 100th day of the school year, and the students at Gabriola Elementary School recognized 100 days of school in various ways. 

Mrs. Kathy Gurr’s kindergarten class invited soon to be centenarian Enid Halldorson and her daughter Lynette Jackson to share what it was like when she was a child and answer questions from the kindergarten class. 

Halldorson was born in Jansen, Saskatchewan (about 150km east of Saskatoon), and grew up in Saskatchewan. 

As a child she enjoyed checking out books from the library for herself and her four brothers to share. 

She moved to Gabriola 16 years ago. Halldorson has always enjoyed music and singing in choir. Currently she keeps busy with the Song Keepers Choir, the Rollo Centre Monday Morning discussion group, the PHC Stepping Up Stepping Out program, as well as knitting. 

Questions from the kindergarten class ranged included one student asking her, “Do you still learn?”

Halldorson replied, “You learn something everyday, and you have to keep alert and keep your mind working.”

When asked what it was like almost being 100 years old, she answered, “It’s lovely, because I’m well, I’m healthy and strong and I’m happy, and it’s fun to be almost 100 when I can visit such lovely children.”

A student asked her if she could jump rope as that is a skill that the class is currently working on mastering. Halldorson said she used to, “but I couldn’t jump today or I’d fall down. 

“But when I was a little kid I could. Every day I go for a little exercise.”

The kindergarten class was amazed at Halldorson’s recollection of snow piled as high as power poles, and speculation from the children on how one would get to the top of the pile, if a person would then fall in, and how someone would even get out the door. 

Halldorson is forward to her May 19 birthday with a community party scheduled for May 26.