Compassionate Connections moving locations

I Shantikat

Compassionate Connections

Tuesday, November 3 2015

At our one year anniversary Compassionate Connections is pleased to announce we are moving to the lower level of the Gabriola Community Health Centre on Church St on November 18, 2015. We will be in the meeting room across from the stairs. This professionally moderated, confidential and free service is available to anyone dealing with challenges to their mental well being, feeling disconnected, isolated; experiencing anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress syndrome symptoms or for any reason whatsoever. 

Compassionate Connections Circle begins at 11 a.m. every Wednesday with the following statement read out loud: “We open the circle today with the full intention of listening to each other in confidence as we speak the unique truths and realities of our lives. 

We remind ourselves that compassionate listening does not require us to make comments, judge, compare, interpret, give advice or try to fix other people. We know that all we need for change and healing to happen is to hear and be heard.” 

Thereafter whoever is holding the Talking Stick has the opportunity to share knowing the above agreements are in place. You speak, we listen. For some, simply holding the stick silently in a circle of listeners for a period of time in this stigma free, attentive space offers comfort and meets a need. We are here for you. 

At this time we would like to express our sincere admiration and respect to all those who have shared the space with us over the past year. 

We acknowledge your courage in choosing to make a difference in the quality of your life by sharing some of your journey with others in this safe environment. And we thank you for your willingness to listen without interruption to others with equal compassion and understanding as they speak. Whether you attend once or regularly, we will continue to hold the space for you and those in need. 

Visit us for detailed information, personal stories and more. Or call Jood @247-7935 or Kat@247-7182.