Coping with Grief and the Seasons

Gabriola Home Hospice

Submitted Article

Wednesday, November 13 2019

Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays and other anniversaries are generally times of great joy and celebration. However, for people who are feeling intense grief and loss from the death of someone they love, these times can be especially difficult to navigate with honesty and grace. 

It can be hard to deal with the happiness and excitement of family and friends when you are feeling overwhelmed with the sadness of not sharing this time with a loved one. 

Reminders of shared rituals and happier times can trigger feelings of sadness and loneliness. 

How can the bereaved manage their feelings, to take care of themselves and yet not offend or diminish the joy for others? 

And how can families and the community help others who are having difficulty navigating celebrations of the season? 

Gabriola Home Hospice will host two information sessions on November 27. 

Both sessions will be facilitated by Mary Abbott, an experienced Nanaimo Hospice Volunteer and Life Cycle Celebrant. Mary came to Gabriola in September and gave two excellent presentations on grief. 

Each presentation will be followed by discussion and practical suggestions on how to cope with grief during particularly tough times, especially during holidays and celebrations.

There is a Companions in Grief support group on Gabriola. For information on meetings, or if you would like to join the hospice volunteer team, please email Claudia at