Daylight Difficulties

I Shantikat

Compassionate Connections

Tuesday, March 22 2016

Not every member of our community is uplifted by the longer days of sunlight. In fact, for many people the shift into the sunshine of spring is a very difficult period. 

For those who prefer isolation and feel more at ease in the darker months, March, April and May can cause a great deal of mental distress. There is a sense of pressure hidden in the lengthening days; an awareness that more social interaction may be expected of them or forced upon them.

In the short days of winter it is far less likely anyone will show up at their door after 4 p.m. With the longer days this time frame expands and leaves them feeling vulnerable until the sun sets. It may cause them to pull their blinds down earlier; lock their doors and stay out of sight, experiencing anxiety at the prospects of unexpected contact.

While others begin to engage in endless garden visions and prepare for summer events, those who are challenged by public exposure find themselves left out and at odds with the more general excited attitudes.

Telling someone they should feel good because it is a sunny day and the summer is just around the corner is not helpful, compassionate or necessary. Telling them you feel great because the days are longer is perfectly fine; you don’t have to hide your joy, you need only bring awareness that it is not experienced by everyone. 

At Compassionate Connections we are committed to being of service to anyone in our community who suffers in silence and needs a safe place to share hard things..

Please note: Compassionate Connections Circle will go be on summer break effective May 11 and restart Nov. 1. Our Facebook site will continue to publish helpful links and information and contains a list of emergency service numbers and referrals ( In non emergency cases, if you need to speak to someone please feel free to contact Shantikat @ 250-247-7182 or visit the Farmers Market for a chat.