EJ Hurst earns historical 2nd degree black belt in karate

Submitted Article

Tuesday, October 10 2017

During this past summer, not everyone was relaxing in the sun and enjoying some time off. For Sempai EJ Hurst of the Gabriola Kyokushin Karate Club, it was an intense finish to nine months of rigorous training and testing to complete the requirements for Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt). The testing period cumulated at the Canadian National Summer Camp in Ashton Creek, BC in August. 

During the preceding nine months Sempai EJ had to submit an comprehensive application that would make some executive applications pale into insignificance. She undertook a solid interview process with the nation’s top masters, wrote exams and did a solitary, two hour technical grading test in front of the head of the International Karate Organization - Canada. 

At the National Summer Camp Sempai EJ had to attend all of the sessions, some of which are extremely strenuous, complete the requirements for board breaking and then she undertook 20 full contact fights against fresh opponents, some half her size again.  Not only did Sempai EJ pass this gruelling test but she was complemented by the head of the organization as being the “best prepared” of all 10 candidates some of whom were testing for higher grades. Not everyone passed this time.

EJ is the first woman in the organization to complete and pass this test in over ten years. Congratulations Sempai EJ - Nidan! She also won the camp fitness challenge for her age group along with three other Gabriolans in theirs.

Come and train with her at the Communty Hall Tuesday and Thursday evenings. For more information: 250-247-8399 or gabriolakyokushin@gmail.com.